why is wedding photography important?

For most of us, it’s a given that there will be some sort of photography or video recording of our wedding day, it’s become a traditional and important part of the big day.

Wedding day traditions are constantly adapting and changing. No longer do we all get married in a church, brides in a white dress and veil, grooms in a traditional morning suit, exchanging traditional wedding rings and vows. The times they are a changing, allowing our imaginations to run wild and do things our way.

Photography is no different, there are so many ways of capturing the big day on film. You can choose from highly professional posed photographs or natural style images from the guest’s point of view, innovative video and much more. But the one thing that has remained the same is that couples will more than likely require physical prints rather than digital copies.

But why is wedding photography important?

I’m sure most of us have heard the famous saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. It basically means that an image of a subject conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a description does. Flipping through the photo album can bring back happy memories, ultimately re-living the day.

  • Photography captures the moment and the emotion. As all married couples know, the day flies by so quickly, meaning some moments can easily be missed. While the vows are being exchanged, the couple’s focus is on each other so they miss the guest’s reactions. Photography will capture these moments to look back on.
  • Long lasting. Most of us have seen pictures of our grandparents and parents wedding day, its great to see how much times have changed over the years!  It’s nice to think that one day your children, and your children’s children, will be looking back at your wedding pictures, telling your story to future generations.

There are so many good reasons to take pictures of your big day. An afternoon is well spent getting the photo album out and flicking though precious memories. But don’t forget about your guests!

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