There’s something incredibly bold, breath-taking and beautiful about graffiti art. This vibrantly expressive and strikingly unrestrictive artwork never fails to create an impression. Such is the colourful and creative allure of graffiti, it provides a stunningly eye-catching backdrop for photographs.

Recognising the unique and unrivalled appeal of graffiti art, Viva La Booth are thrilled to announce our new incredibly striking photo booth graffiti background, created by a world-famous graffiti artist.

If you’re looking to brings photographs to life, whether it’s for a wedding, a special party, a corporate event, or any type of memorable occasion, hire Viva La Booth’s top-quality booth with our new graffiti backdrop?

Our handcrafted booth creates exceptional studio-quality images, capturing incredibly professional photos virtually anywhere. Couple these exceptionally high-quality shots with an extravagantly colourful graffiti background and you’ll have images guaranteed to be noticed and ensure the occasion is remembered!

graffiti backdrop graffiti backdrop photo booth graffiti

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