Here at Viva la booth we are passionate about parties, we love having a great time with our family and friends. Capturing this in film and photo has been our enjoyment through life and now is our full time job eeek! In our spare time we love travelling with our family and taking off for adventures in our camper van, this brings us lots of new ideas and inspiration for our business that ensures you are getting the most up to date experience. We assure you that it is our aim that your Viva La booth is one to remember and the fun captured forever.

Dom – is a cinematographer, making wedding and event films throughout the world. He has a key eye for design and colour. He has ensured the booth looks fantastic, that the system runs super smooth and the quality of the images are second to none. He knows what makes a good picture… and if you need the event filming check out his work at

Jen – knows what makes a good party! top of her game at organising and planning there’s not a list that hasn’t been made to cover your booth requirements. Jen is on the pulse with fashion and design and is constantly working on new ideas to make sure your booth, backdrop and props are leading the way. Jen will make sure your booth is party ready and your booking is managed efficiently. She’ll make sure your viva la booth goes with a bang, and your images are ready to download to relive the fun. Jen is full of ideas and enthusiasm to make your party the one to remember, and would love to work with you on bringing your ideas to life too.

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